For the Huffington Post
Exercise challenge
For the Huffington Post
Work well challenge
Leaving phones out of the bedroom
Cover for For Adam Tsair
For Maariv Newspaper
Moving house by Leore Dayan
Cover for Haaretz
The aftermath crash of Channel 22 split
For Adam Tsair
Golda Meir
New children's book, written by Dorit Gani, Zeltner publishing
For Liberal Magazine
Who is to blame for the national health system's flaws
For De Marker, Haaretz
Online dating
Inside out exhibition 2020
A Pais fund sponsored graphic novel
Details coming soon!
For Adam Tsair
For Omri &Dana Amdo
Album cover
for Maariv
Living with loans and still borrowing without a worry. For Leore Dayan's column
For Liberal Magazine
Editorial illustration- Why do people enjoy Prison TV so much
Jonah! For Beit Avi Chai
A play written By Jonathan Kunda
Coming soon!
For Liberal Magazine
Reality TV is still around
For Aya Korem
Book Cover coming soon!
Details coming soon
For Leore Dayan,Maariv
Marriage maintenance- a weekend in London
Outline Jerusalem 2018
Small group of illustrators along with Shlomi Shaban in a 'Pass the Parcel' mission- Songs being translated to images, which in turn get a new take in words.
Illustration week TLV 2019
Coming soon!
Golda Meir, Zeltner publishing
Written by Dorit Gani, Zeltner publishing
details coming soon
Captain grandma
From my solo exhibition in Illustration week TLV.
Words by Sivan Ziv Vind
For Center of Educational Technology
The story of Jephthahs' daughter
For Mako
Living with Synesthesia
For 929 Hashin
For Maariv
For an article by Leore Dayan
Captain Grandma
Golda Meir
New children's book. Writtenby Dorit Gani, Zeltner publishing
For Mako
Lucid dreamin
For Aya Korem
Self Portrait
For Maariv newspaper
For Leore Dayan's Column
Captain grandma project
For The Huffington Post
Captain grandma project
Personal words and illustration project- grandmother and granddaughter, words by Sivan Ziv Vind
For Liberal Magazine
Cultural conflict between long and short, deep and superficial, Slow and fast.
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details coming soon